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3 items for the agenda today: OS update - to the latest version of Catalina - 10.15.5

In relation hereto - safety and security updates, get the best out of your setting, and Finally - Antivirus/Malware protection.

I am still on the old version, 10.15.4 Mainly (!) because my external Timemachine disk is broken. Yes - backups can be made using THESE instructions.

Absolutely recommended, and this I do too. But I also have a secondary backup especially for situations, that could occur around OS updates. Not that they do - but IF !! I plan to get a USB backup done by tomorrow, and will keep U updated.

But do you know you own update settings? Mine look like this, go to System Preferences/Software Update

SU 1.jpg

Please DO note, that I have removed the check mark in Automatically Keep My Mac Up To Date ! And the WHY IS THAT is revealed once you press Advanced

SU 2.jpg

Now HERE I left out some check marks, but kept (AND THIS IS THE VITAL ONE !) the one allowing to install system data and secutiry updates. THIS is very important. You can allways check the state of your computer under your System Information (or System Report via ) / Software / Installations

Regarding Antivirus / Malware protection. DTU has purchased some software that you can all install. HOWEVER - since neither Mac or Linux are managed platforms at DTU you have to install yourself.

I put both a ZIP, but also the un-zipped files at our sofware-server. Access smb:// and find the files under PaloAlto Networks. Install, and keep it running for some time WITH your VPN open, if you are not physically at DTU. All is good if the icon in your menu-bar changes to this:

C 1.jpg

When you click and go to the console you should get this

C 2.jpg

Do contact me if further assistance is needed. The Cortex software IS working, and COULD block some installations of your own. The trick here is to make a safe boot, and update.